, we specialize in selling all kinds of pet bowls.

Hi everyone, I’m Cade Tammyh! I’m so excited to share with you the story of, a new website I started.

It’s a place that specializes in selling pet bowls, and I want to tell you about why I chose this field and how the idea became a reality.

Growing up, I was a loving animal lover.

Whether it was a puppy, kitten or any other furry little friend, they always found a warm corner in my heart.

I have noticed that a seemingly insignificant item plays an important role when spending time with pets – that is the pet bowl.

Pet bowls are the tools we use to spend every meal with our pets, and they are also the medium through which we build a deeper connection with them.

It was out of my love for this emotion that I had an idea: why not create a dedicated place that focuses on providing high quality, uniquely designed pet bowls?

This idea quickly evolved into the concept of

Through this platform, I decided to offer all pet owners the opportunity to choose a distinctive bowl for their furry companion, so that they can feel special and cared for at mealtime. was then born.

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Dog Bowl

Hamster Bowl

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